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Quiet, cozy mornings with a (strong) cup of coffee. Breathing in deeply after a killer workout. A gentle hand caressing your hair. Long, leisurely dinner parties with loved ones. Golden hour walks at the beach. That joy, that warmth, that comfort: those are some of my favorite things.

Photography is not just something that is seen; it is also something that is experienced. I look to those deep connections, those ephemeral moments, that endless love. That is where the spirit of my work lives.

Hi! I'm Sam. I'm a nature-loving, taco-craving, always-up-for-adventuring Los Angeles native. I nearly always wear black; I tend to prefer the darker side of life, haha. And I have a huge collection of VHS tapes because they remind me of childhood & because sometimes things look better a little fuzzy.

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I Believe:

♥ in you doing you.

♥ in the power of music, laughter, and the ocean.

♥ that friends & family are everything.

♥ that sunsets should be enjoyed thoroughly.

♥ in the unconventional, bohemian, and free-spirited.

♥ in the magic of the simple things.

♥ in keeping it real.

♥ in totally rocking (it) out.

I Adore:

♥ nature & the great outdoors.

♥ OG mixtapes.

♥ candlelight & moody ambiance.

♥ the smell of rain.

♥ rollerblading & racquetball.

♥ very dry and/or British humor.

♥ the strange & unusual.

♥ puppies!

square double exposure self portrait of a photographer in a forest

My Background

During my good old days at USC, I focused on a few of my favorite things: English, Film, and Photography. That meant a ton of literature (especially from the Romantic & Victorian eras), a plethora of movies, and the darkroom. It was AWESOME.

After college, I began working at a snazzy post-production lab that specialized in commercial, entertainment, and fine art photography. I went on to become the producer & studio manager for a celebrity photographer, and then I ended up back in the realm of post-production via an editorial retouching house.

...Which brings us to 2012, when I launched my very own photography business. It’s been a wild journey so far, and I’m so very excited about everything to come. Let’s have some fun!

Looking for more info about the look of my work? Check out this overview:

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